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Quast Archive 2

The News

May 2, 2011

We are counting down the days until Paraguay, literally!  Actually only 8 days remain in the United States.  As we are winding down our time, we are getting a lot of questions about our upcoming plans.  So in this email, I want to do a FAQ so we can hopefully paint a clear picture of the road ahead.

When do you leave?
We are flying out on May 10th.

How long is the flight?
The flight is in two legs.  The first leg to Brazil is about 8 hours in the air.  Then we have a 3 hour layover before we board our last 1 hour flight to Paraguay.

Who is picking you up from the airport?
A family who is part of New Tribes Mission Paraguay is going to meet us at the airport for sure.  Beyond that, we may have some people from the church we will be attending also meet us at the airport.  We are not sure if very many will be able to meet us then, however because we will be arriving in the morning while people are at work.

I thought that there were no churches in Paraguay?
There are many churches in the city.  In some of the tribes there aren't any churches, which is why we want to be involved in church planting.  But in the capital there are many churches that we can attend.

So, you're going to live in a city?  I thought you were going to live in a hut in the jungle.
When we initially arrive in the country of Paraguay, we are going to need to live there for awhile.  We need to learn Spanish, and Paraguayan culture so that we can reside in that country.  Since we are going to spend a year to two learning language and culture we get an awesome opportunity to serve in a local church during that time in whatever capacity we can.  After we've learning Spanish and Paraguayan culture we can start talking about moving into a tribe.

Where will you live while you are in the city?
We are looking for a place to rent nearby the church we will be attending.  Our team there has found us a couple of options and we'll check those out once we get there.  Until we settle on a place we will be staying at our missions guest facility.

Will you have internet?
If not in our home we will still be able to access the internet at a cafe.  Facebook, email, and skype all remain good options to communicate with us.

Are you excited?
YES!!!  A thousand times yes.  When you decide in 2004 (Jon) and 2005 (Jen) that this is what God has for you, and you spend years working towards a goal, burn every bridge, close every door, and give your entirity to see an unreached people group reached for Christ, and the opportunity to go finally arrives, you better believe you are excited.


Till All Are Reached
Jon and Jen Quast


The News

March 23, 2011

Hello again from "Quastland." We are still in Georgia at the moment, and wanted to take a second and update y'all on a couple things.

Praise the Lord! Since our last email we have bought plane tickets to Paraguay. Once we had plane tickets in hand we proceeded to the next step in the process: applying for our Paraguayan Visas. We weren't sure how long this process would take; we only knew that we were cutting it close on time. We needed to get these processed fast, because we have another step to complete before we go to Paraguay after the visas. Well, miraculously (and by miraculously we mean you know Who is responsible...) our paperwork was processed in one day. In fact, it got processed so fast we had the sudden feeling that we had spare time on our hands. This was truly a God thing and we are really thankful.

Our support level keeps coming up. We have had 5 more individuals and 1 more church decide to partner with us financially. We are really humbled and awed at how God keeps meeting this need. Right now we estimate that we are at 62% of our recommended funding. We also had a large anonymous gift this month come in that is making a lot of our start up costs possible.

Our time in Georgia is coming to an end. We are leaving next week to head back up to Jon's parents place in Portsmouth VA. Once there we will begin packing our bags. Can you believe it?! We want to give ourselves a couple weeks to pack, and then have some time to just spend with family undistracted. The Grandparents definitely are going to eat that time up! We'll close out our time in the US with May 1st and 8th at our sending church in First Baptist St. Marys. They have been great to allow us to visit other churches for months now, and we want to spend our last Sundays with them.

Pray for us as we have 3 speaking engagements still on the docket. Tomorrow and Friday I am sharing at a Middle School's FCA. Then this Sunday night we are sharing at the FBC Kingsland. And then right before we leave for Paraguay we are sharing at the youth group of Southeast Community Church. It's weird to have the rest of your time in America mapped out, but also slightly exhilarating.

Till All Are Reached
Jon and Jen Quast

The News

March 2, 201

What would give me the audacity to send out another email this week?  I know you're thinking it as now I flood your inbox again.  You may be thinking "I hope this is good."  I assure you it is.

In all seriousness I was a little reluctant to share this news.  I'm not sure why, but a decision was made yesterday, and yet here it is today and I still haven't shared it with the world.  It seems that although a decision was made, I was hesitant in my heart to really believe it was true.  So many years and months getting to this day, and I almost couldn't believe it when it couldn't be clearer.

Let me pause and say thank you for all the prayers as we visited the Church at Suncoast this past weekend.  We were sick, as some of you prayed for us as you had news of that, but we wouldn't have missed that opportunity for anything.  The outcome of that visit is still to be determined, but it was a great meeting none-the-less.  You prayer warriors are the difference makers.

We had told God a couple months back that we wanted to be at about 50% of our recommended financial support come decision time on whether to leave for Paraguay on May 10th.  God has answered that prayer.  With the regular support we receive, and the regular support promised, we are roughly halfway there.

So, since God has answered our prayers all along this journey, the least we could do would be to trust Him in the next step: buying plane tickets.  Last night, after finding a great deal on tickets, we bought plane tickets.  We leave for Paraguay on May 10th.  This is really happening.

Please take a moment and celebrate in prayer with us to the Father and praise Him for His provision, faithfulness, patience, and also love in getting things to where they are.  He has given us something to talk about ;)

Till All Are Reached

Jon and Jen Quast


Reminded of Weakness

February 28, 2011

As many of you know we are in the middle of an aggressive plan to leave for Paraguay on May 10th.  When time is that short, every day counts big time as far as trying to communicate our need and how people and churches can be involved.  Yesterday (Sunday the 27th) we had an awesome opportunity to share at a church that was looking for a missionary couple to be involved with.  But the story for us started on Saturday night.

Saturday morning I woke up with a feeling that a small cold was coming on.  No big deal I thought.  I just went about my day.  I didn’t take anything for it, because I didn’t want to run to the store since I didn’t think we had anything for it.  We had some friends stop by for a visit that evening.  While we were visiting with them the cold began to come on strong and hard.  Before I knew what hit me I was feverish, shivering, and achy.  I still had to finish preparing what I was sharing at the Church at Suncoast the next day.  I could feel the fever rising.  I decided to turn in early and then just wake up extra early to do what I needed to do.

I tossed and turned all night.  The fever hit pretty hard (I finally checked my temperature after I had a dose of Tylenol I found. Even with the medicine reducing my fever, it was still at 100)  I woke in the morning and realized my cold wasn’t better.  It was worse.  And now it was morning and we had to drive an hour to visit the church, meet people all morning and then spend the afternoon with the pastor and his family before sharing our vision and strategy for ministry that evening.

It was hard to understand what God was doing, but I’m reminded of what Paul said that His strength is shown in our weakness. On top of that Paul said that when he preached the Gospel it was not in cleverness or power of speech, but rather that he preached in an unimpressive way so that God could receive full credit for the outcome.  By God’s grace I made it through the day.  (A bottle of 5 hour energy also helped)

We met many nice people in the morning service.  It was truly a blessing to be in such a nice church.  We connected well with the pastor in the afternoon.  We even share some favorite authors and books.  But the inspiring thing was the evening service. I never did have the clarity of mind to finish preparing what I was sharing, but at the moment I needed it, clarity returned and we were able to share.  The congregation listened well and asked many good questions that showed their engagement in what had been shared.

They vote next week on whether they will be a supporting church for our ministry.

Prayer Requests:

  • Mideast Crisis.  How does this effect us?  Well, we have not bought our plane tickets yet.  We are looking to buy them soon.  I would bet that you all have seen what is going on with gas prices as a result of the unrest in the middle east.  It has gone up 30 cents a gallon here in 3 days.  This could have a big effect on our plane tickets, so we are praying that nothing big will change before we book our flight.
  • Our plans for March.  Right now we are trying to line things up for March, but we are having a slow go at it.  So we would ask that you pray God gives us opportunity to share with those who would like to get involved to help enable us to go.


  • We have some new supporters so that is really exciting.
  • Plane tickets have not gone up in price yet.  
  • Someone gave us a very substantial gift that will go a long way in helping us with set up costs when we get to Paraguay. 
  • Our kids are staying pretty flexible, and Jamen seems to be getting over some of his anxiety over all the travel recently.

Thank you for your prayers, and keep lifting this up to God.  He wants those people in the unreached people groups in relationship with Him, so that can give us confidence so that we can pray with faith.

Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen (and Jamen and Jade)


Departure Date

January 31, 2011

Mark your calendars! We are planning to leave for Paraguay on May 10th. A lot of things have gone into this decision so let me catch you up.

In our hearts we felt like God would have us try to go this spring, but we were definitely feeling the weight of not having the committed support, and the hard choice of starting the process before we felt ready. We got some advice from others which confirmed what we felt in our hearts...start making the plans to go and let God take care of the rest.

We didn't think that the FBI could process our background checks in time to leave, but when we checked with the FBI on how long it takes, it only takes 60 days as opposed to the 90 days we thought it took. So we went ahead and sent off for a background checks that we need for our visas once we get to Paraguay.

God is raising our support. We still have a long way to go as far as funding goes, but we see things heading in the right direction. We have 5 weeks before we have to have our plane tickets, and we'll be evaluating constantly on how God is leading.

We have an awesome prayer team behind us and that is another reason to have confidence that we will be able to go to Paraguay earlier than what we thought was possible.

So, we'll keep you posted on what happens but for now pray for us as we continue to raise our funding. Pray that people would respond to God's leading. Also pray for us as we head down to Georgia next week to spend some time with our churches and also seek new partners down there.

Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen (and Jamen and Jade)


Prayer Calender

January 25, 2011

Hey guys. Thanks to those who have asked to be added to the prayer calender and commit to pray for this ministry just one day a month. We now have the calendar completely filled and then some.  Someone is praying everyday, and that excites me.  I can't wait to see what is going to come from this prayer effort.

Big-Time Praise!

Over the past two weeks we have seen an enormous growth in our financial support.  We are now at nearly 30% of what is recommended for our coming to Paraguay.  This is up from just barely 20% since Christmas.  All we have to say is "wow".  I can't help but think there is a connection to the launch of the prayer team.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your prayers.

Another really big praise was our trip this weekend to Tennessee to share at a church.  It was such a great trip and a really great church full of friendly people sharing a commitment to God's Word.  It was an awesome time where we met some new supporters and also encouraged a couple who is considering full-time ministry.  Thank you God.

Calling All Prayer Warriors

We came back from an exciting weekend, to a big-time decision that we are now faced with.  Originally we were planning on going to Paraguay in late April or early May.  Because of funding we decided that it didn't look like we would be able to go at that time, and would try to go in the summer.  However, due to the arrival of other missionaries to Paraguay, we will not be able to go until later in the year...possibly as late as December.

When we found that out we did some quick checking on how long some of our paperwork takes to do.  Our first piece of paperwork doesn't take as long as we originally anticipated.  So long as we get it sent off in the next 2 weeks, we could still get it back in time for an early May departure date...All that to say this:

Please pray for us over the next two weeks in regards to when we are leaving for the field.  If God continues to increase our financial support at the rate He is right now with new monthly commitments, we would have the resources to go in early May.  It would be a big step of faith, because we would need to make the decision in the next two weeks.  If we miss May, it very well may be December, and at this time I don't feel like God would have us wait that long.  So pray that  (1) God would continue to give us new monthly commitments (2) God would make it clear on what we should do and (3) That we would have the faith to do what He is asking us to do.

Well, I need to get back to it, but I wanted to inform the prayer team of what we're praying for here the next two weeks.  We'll let you know what happens.

Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen and Jamen and Jade


Strengthened Faith

January 12, 2011

This past week we had a troubling conversation that struck a nerve down in our souls.  It doesn't matter who we spoke to or where that matters, what matters is the content.  We were speaking with a leader in a church about the destiny of those who have never heard the gospel.  Allow me to tell you what the Bible says about the situation:

Jesus is the Only Way

If there were any other way for people to be saved, God would not have sent Jesus for us.  He is even the way for those who have never heard.

  • John 14:6
  • Romans 3:23 with Romans 5:8
  • Ephesians 4:5

And many other passages of Scripture.  Sincerity is not the key.  Doing the best with what you knew is not the key.  The key is placing your faith in Jesus Christ and having his righteousness exchanged for you sin in order to have a right standing with God.  Only when God looks at you, and sees His Son as a result of placing your faith in Christ will God be satisfied that your debt has been paid.

People have to be Told

There is a common them out there that tribal people will be able to look at the stars and pray to get saved.  They base this from Romans 1:19-20.  Examining these verses says that nature proclaims two things about God: His Eternal Power and His Divine Nature.  In other words, from creation man can tell that there is a God (divine nature) and that He created everything (eternal power).  What can't be perceived from nature is that they are a sinner, whose sin debt can only be paid by a perfect sacrifice, and that God sent His Son to be that perfect sacrifice.  Nature cannot tell people this.  Therefore the church must tell them.


The Task is Enormous

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but allow me to remind you of a few facts.

  • 2,500 people groups do not have one word of the Bible in their language
  • These people groups represent 1/3 of the world

As impossible as that may sound, businesses are putting the church to shame.  Consider this:

  • 91% of the world's children can identify Mickey Mouse
  • 98% of the world has access to CocaCola.

The church has had 20 times more time to reach the world than these two businesses.

It's the Church’s Responsibility

This is where I disagreed with the gentleman from earlier.  He agreed with me that it was the church’s job (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8) but in the end said that if the church failed, God would reach the world some other way.  This is where my heart broke, because I know he's not alone.  Many people want to believe that God has a plan B for reaching the lost, one that He will do Himself.  This is an old lie from Satan.  In fact, when missionary legend William Carey was about to embark to India, a man in the place where he was sharing shouted "young man! Sit down! Sit down! You are an enthusiast.  When God pleases to convert the heathen, He will do it without your aid or mine."

We all know that God could, but He has chosen to work through us, His Church, during this age.  Jesus said "You will be my My witnesses."  He said "You shall receive power" to do this job.  I think that 2 Peter 3:9 is the clearest in all of Scripture in stating that God is patiently waiting for the church to reach the lost, because He doesn't want anyone to perish.  The fact of the matter is people are perishing, and God has chosen us as His evangelizing vessel.

As a result of the conversation I had with this church leader, I was very saddened by His view that God will figure out another way for them to hear the gospel whether through angels, animals, or a message in the sky.  But what it did was deepen my convictions all the more on why this is important.  The people groups without access to the gospel are out there, and the church (when I say church, I don't mean any specific church.  I'm referring to the majority of churches.  I would consider our sending churches to be in the minority) for the most part has shrugged off her responsibility.  This has made me all the more thankful to you, for sending us out to these people who otherwise would never hear.  Thank you helping us expand the reach of the gospel.
Til All Are Reached
Jon and Jen and Jamen and Jade

Snowy Virginia

December 14, 2010

Hello world, wanted to let you know that we are still in Virginia staying with Jon’s parents for the time being.  These posts may be starting to sound repetitive, but that’s just kind of the nature of it right now.  Allow me to remind you all of what our current state is.  We have finished training and hope to be in Paraguay in April.  In order for that to happen we need partners who will commit to support us while we are in Paraguay.

The time is called partnership development, and we are very thankful for the experience to date.  We have been blessed with opportunities to share our future ministry and vision on a few occasions now, and there are some more opportunities coming up.  Be praying as we share at a church in Rocky Mount NC this coming Sunday night.

Overall this has been a slow time for us.  It is kind of a nice change of pace in one regards after running around the country (Missouri to Georgia to Oklahoma to New Hampshire to Virginia) and a hectic training schedule.  But at times we can feel as though we aren’t accomplishing anything.  It is in these times that we have to remember our goals for this phase, and then set out to reach them.

Some of our goals include getting all of our paperwork in order, for Jen to continue her Spanish course, and to say our goodbyes to family.  But our biggest goal during this phase is to see a partnership team come together to keep us on the mission field.  This partnership is both financial and prayer.

Currently, thanks to some new financial supporters, we are at about 25% of what is recommended we have to go to Paraguay.  It’s something we are excited about and continue to look to the Lord in.  It’s in the forefront of our minds right now because we are making the decision at the end of the month on whether we will be financially ready to leave in April.  The reason we have to make the decision at the end of the month is because that's when we would have to start our visa application process and buy plane tickets if we are going to make our April departure date.  So we’ll be thinking about this a lot in the days ahead.

We would also like to launch a prayer support team.  Now, we have folks that are praying for us and are faithful in that, but we have never organized a prayer team.  So, we would like to make a prayer calendar.  What we are asking is that you would sign up to pray one day a month.  For example, say you sign up for the 14th.  So every month on the 14th you remember to offer up a little prayer for the work thats going on.  By signing up for our email you can stay up to date with exactly what you can be specifically praying for.  Then if we get at least 31 people to sign up, we can have someone praying every day for the tribal church plant.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  So if you want to be a part of that, just shoot us a line with what day you would like to pray and then sign up for our newsletter.

There were a few things that Paul always asked for prayer on.  He regularly asked for an open door to preach the Gospel (Colossians 4:3) and the courage to boldly proclaim the gospel (Ephesians 6:19).  We would ask the same.

So hopefully by the end of the month we’ll have some news for you.  Thanks for reading and thank you to those who are helping expand the reach of the Gospel.

Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen and Jamen and Jade


New Hamptcha’

November 15, 2010

Yes, we just arrived in Jen’s old stomping grounds of  New England.  A recap, for those who don’t know, is as follows:  We are done with our training in Missouri;  Our Oklahoma assignment is done;  We packed up and left the midwest for good;  visited Jon’s grandparents in Buffalo New York;  Arrived in New Hampshire.

So, while in New Hampshire we are accomplishing two purposes.  The first reason we came all the way up north (and no, it wasn’t for the freezing temperatures) was to have an extended amount of time to say goodbyes to family.  We are planning on going overseas for 4 years at a time, it is important to have some closure time with family.  It’s not only important for us, but it’s important for Jamen and Jade and also for our family as it’s hard for them too.  But the second reason we came to New Hampshire was to set aside a block of time to prepare our speaking and travel calender for the rest of our time in the states.

Our sharing and traveling begin on December 5th at a Baptist Church in Portsmouth VA.  We are looking forward to this time.  After we kick it off we will be traveling and sharing up until our time of leaving for Paraguay in April.  However, we must say this is Lord willing.  Our schedule has yet to be written, and our support has yet to be raised.  We are currently at 20% of what the field of Paraguay recommend that we have in monthly support when we come.  Sound like a God-sized job?  Well we have a God-sized God.

Please pray for us we start this.  Pray that we will be diligent.  Pray that we will do things in the Lord’s timing.  Pray that God’s people would be moved to support this ministry.  And pray that the gospel would go out where it has never gone  before as a result of our collective obedience to the task of reaching this world for Christ.

Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen Quast


Closer to Paraguay

November 10, 2010

It is with great joy and celebration that we inform you all that we have completed our training in Missouri.  We first arrived in Missouri in July of 2008 to get trained on how to be church planting missionaries in a tribal setting. In January of 2010 we decided to stay a little longer at the training center to take another course in linguistic training, a subject that will greatly help our cause of church planting.  That linguistic course took us finally to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma for a hands on live linguistic situation to practice our skills.  Well, that is all over now that I have turned in my final two papers for the course and we have packed up and left Missouri for good.  We will greatly miss Missouri, especially our church family there, but make no mistake about it:  we can hardly sleep at night from excitement for what the road ahead has in store.

It would seem that our next step at this point would be to get on a plane bound for South America, but there is a step in-between now and arriving in Paraguay.  We need the funding to be able to go to Paraguay, and then be able to live once we get there.  So from now until we leave we are trying to raise the necessary funds to be able to do this.  This is an area that is completely out of our hands.  We are looking to the Lord to meet our needs.  He alone can bring in the funding we need.  And it will also be up to God's people, whether church body or individual, to respond to the Lord's leading in this area.

For some people, this may be a time when they doubt if the Lord is really going to come through, but for us we can have confidence.  The fact of the matter is, the people who live in these unreached people groups are not saved.  Romans 10, and Romans 1 are very clear in this regards (look it up, and if you have questions feel free to email me).  We also know that the only way they can come to Christ is if someone goes and tells them about Christ.  And we also know for a fact that God doesn't like it when people perish (check out 2 Peter 3 if you need proof that what I said there is true).  So, if we know that God has called us to this ministry of reaching the unreached, then we also know that He will get us there and keep us there if we will only rely on Him.  Encouraging?  We think so.

So, having said all that we are at about 20% of the monthly funding of what is recommended we have to go to Paraguay.  We don't know where the other 80% is going to come from but we trust Him.  All we can do is be faithful to share what our vision and plan for ministry is, make our needs known, and wait for God to meet those needs.  Right now we have a couple speaking engagements lined up for December, and we praise the Lord for that.

We'll keeping working hard to be faithful in this area.  We are trying to get to Paraguay by April.  This is going to be fun.


 For the support of our churches and friends 

 Our Explorer is STILL running smoothly

 Safe travel

 The kids are doing well with all the change

 The speaking opportunities we have coming up


  Our monthly support

  Wisdom in the timing of our departure date

  Smart parenting of our kids in this time of transition

  Jen's Spanish study

Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen and Jamen and Jade

 To read more about the Quast's adventures in following the Lord's leading in their lives and to see more pictures of their journey, go to Quast's Quest ( This is a different blog than the one at the New Tribes website. To read Jon and Jen's blog on the New Tribes website, go to

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Video update!

October 16, 2010
The basics remain the same: Paraguay in April, still in training right  now. However we are finishing up training completely completely COMPLETELY this month. This last phase has been different from our other training since it was "field work" more or less with the Cherokee language. To watch a video I made specifically for our sending church, simply click this link:

Note: It's probably boring ... but linguistics is only so exciting ... but completely necessary in tribal church planting! We are willing to "suffer" through boring technical linguistics in order to learn the language well and present the Gospel clearly. Hope you enjoy

Til All Are Reached
Jon and Jen and Jamen and Jade


September 1, 2010

Osiyo is a common Cherokee greeting.  I'm saying it more and more these days since we are in the heart of the Cherokee Nation.  Currently we are in Talehquah, Oklahoma finishing our linguistics program.

We are beginning to get into the swing of things. Typically Jon gets up in the morning and goes to spend time with his language helper: Mr. Dreadfulwater. He helps Jon for two hours a day by teaching him Cherokee words that Jon can write down and analyze for his linguistics project. Cherokee has to be one of the hardest languages in the Americas, so the challenge keeps things from getting boring!

Jen gets up with the kids and helps out around the camp by cooking and cleaning. There are about 16 people taking the linguistics course with Jon, so helping them by cooking and cleaning is a big blessing. Jen also continues her Spanish study as is getting excited when she understands more and more.

Jamen has some older kids at the camp to play with so he is really busy trying to keep up! He still loves playing with his matchbox cars and is starting to get the concept of coloring.

Jade is recovering great from her minor surgery two weeks ago. The incisions are healing up well and will barely be noticeable when all is said and done. She is crawling very well these days, and is starting to get the concepts of waving and clapping. We started solid foods recently and she isn't a big fan...but hey, she'll figure it out :)

We will be finished with our training completely in about 40 days. It's hard to believe that this long road to preparing ourselves for the job ahead is finally coming to a close. We cannot thank you enough for providing the way for us to focus 100% to the training at hand. We are going to be that much more ready because of your partnership.

A lot of our support money has been eaten up by vehicle expenses since we have traveled so much. We spent a good bit on gas, and also had to address a couple things that couldn't wait any longer (tires, alignment). We feel a lot safer on the road now and are thankful the Lord is keeping the engine and transmission on this old Ford in perfectly fine condition. Sometimes we feel like our 92 Ford is like the jar and bowl in 2 Kings that never ran out. It just keeps going and going, and you can't help but recognize the Divine hand in that.

We have also spent a good chunk of our support in living expenses such as tuition, food, and we also pay our Cherokee language helper.


  • For the support of our churches and friends
  • Our Explorer is running smoothly
  • Jade's recovery from being put under for MRI and birthmark removal
  • Safe travel


  • To work hard as we finish our training
  • To make the Lord priority in our business
  • For our unsaved Cherokee language helper
  • Upcoming decisions regarding where we will go once we are finished in Oklahoma in October

Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen Quast

 To read more about the Quast's adventures in following the Lord's leading in their lives and to see more pictures of their journey, go to Quast's Quest ( This is a different blog than the one at the New Tribes website. To read Jon and Jen's blog on the New Tribes website, go to

 At the New Tribes website you can  access old news articles, search the blog for  something you read once but can't find now, see their most recent postings, and read New Tribes Mission news.  On their blog, to read about their Ministry, go to the "About" link near the top.  You can also give online through the "Give" button. And at the very top of the page you can be connected back to

Ministry Report

(May, June, July 2010)

Thank you all for your continued financial support as we prepare for our ministry in Paraguay. Let me update you on what we are doing, and how we are spending the money you have blessed us with.

In these summer months we have been doing a lot of traveling. We have spoken in 4 different churches and have seen fruit from those visits. Two of the churches are praying about entering into a partnership with us. Praise God! We have also met some individuals in those churches who have joined our support team, or have provided leads to sharing in other churches, so this is an exciting time. We have also spent a good chunk of our time serving in the churches we have visited whether it be by chaperoning kid's events, or doing drywall (yes, I said drywall) we have tried to make ourselves available to serve. It's just a way that we can deepen those relationships and give back. We have also had a decent bit of time to catch our breathe after the past semester in Missouri. We thank God for a couple weeks at my parents house to really just have fun. We really needed that time as we haven't had time to catch our breathe since Jade was born.

As far as our expenditures, let me hit the highlights. We have exciting news in one of our purchases as we went and bought passports this month. We read that the rates were going up so we quickly got everything together and got the passports for the four of us. Hopefully we'll get those in the next couple of weeks. We also have started to put away some money in anticipation for our plane tickets. That bill is inevitable, and likely to be needed by January. A couple churches blessed us with some large donations, so we took those and put them aside to prepare for that cost. Besides travel and living costs, we didn't really spend much else, putting the extra away for the bigger ticket items coming up in the near future.

We thank you all again for your continued support. We are living completely on faith and your kindness. Our hearts beat for the lost who have never had opportunity to hear, and your support is making it possible so that we can prepare for the task ahead, to actually go and reach them, and hopefully see people who had no hope of knowing Him come to Him in faith on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. May we never lose sight of the fact that God's heart beats for the world, therefore so should ours.

Til All Are Reached,

Jon and Jen Quast

New Week

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I’m sitting down to write an update, and hopefully I’ll soon be able to send it out once I get a chance to get a wifi signal. This update is going to be written a little differently. Believe it or not, there are books out there for missionaries to teach us how to write newsletters. It’s kind of funny when you think about it, but anyway one of the things they tell you to never do is make your newsletter sound like a sermon. People want news, not a devotional. Well … this time I think I’m going to go against the experts and write a newsletter that has some devotional undertones.

We continued our journey last Saturday as we headed down to Charlotte NC. We were very excited, and a little nervous about this opportunity. We were going to a church we had never been to, to share in both Sunday morning services. The set-up was more interview style than straight sharing as the associate pastor was up on stage with me asking questions to direct the conversation. On Saturday night we went out to dinner to get ready for the morning and everything felt so right and I was very comfortable.

Sunday morning went great, (and also Sunday night when I shared with the youth group) and we are discussing a possible partnership between us and their church, but what impressed me most about this church was their hospitality and their hearts for the lost of the world. We were blown away, literally in shock by this congregation.

In 3rd John we read about something that was somewhat unique at that time. There were people going around preaching the truth wherever they went. The church that John was writing to made it a habit to help those who were doing that along their way. The reason that church was helping those traveling preachers was not because they were persuaded to do so, or because they were looking for some traveling preacher ministry to be involved with, but rather they helped these traveling preachers because of their genuine love (vs. 6) and because of their desire to be fellow workers in proclaiming the truth (vs. 8). This is what we felt from Rocky River Community Church: genuine love and a desire to be fellow workers in proclaiming the truth to an unreached people group.

We got into GA last night (actually now 3 nights ago, but it took me a couple of days to send this). While we are looking forward to spending time with our sending church, we are looking forward to spending time with Ignite Church for the first time. They are hosting us right now and we are very thankful and looking forward to this month of July back home.


Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen Quast (Jamen and Jade)

Here We Go

(Late June 2010)

The start of the summer found us in Virginia. We decided that after our hardest semester of school to date, and with a busy summer ahead, starting out the summer visiting family would be a good idea. It was a slow start to the summer, but praise God, we feel refreshed and ready to keep moving ahead.


Our time in Virginia was spent mostly with family. It was a great time as my (Jon) grandparents were able to be done from New York. Being with family actual ties into our upcoming ministry. You see, it is important for us that our kids spend time with our family, and vice versa, before we take them away for four years. It's hard on everyone when we take kids overseas. Especially hard for my grandparents as there is a very real chance they may not see their great-grandkids again. There wasn't a dry eye as we said goodbye.

We also were able to make a really good contact with a lady in the area who has caught the vision of what the Lord has called us to do. It was an exciting time as she expressed that she wants to be involved in what we are doing in some capacity. That's a God thing.

Rocky Mount

We had the honor of speaking at a church on Sunday morning in Rocky Mount, NC last Sunday. They are a two campus church, so after I shared at one campus we got in the car and drove to the other campus and shared there. (That was a first). It was cool to see eyes enlarging as we pulled out a list of the 2500 unreached people groups of the world. The 50 page list that was stretched out across the stage will definitely remind people of the need that still exists in our world. We also gained some new prayer and financial supporters. Thank you Lord!

Coming Up...

This weekend we are in Charlotte sharing at a church in the morning, and then their youth group that night. Exciting!  Next week on to Georgia. That's right...we're going home!!

Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen Quast (Jamen and Jade)

Semester Close-out

Monday, May 17, 2010


We are closing out our time in Missouri. As many, hopefully all of you, know we picked up our family in 2008 and moved from our home in Kingsland, GA, to Missouri to be trained to do missionary work. Classes have included a range of subjects from how to teach the Bible, to how to learn a language, to how to hook up solar panels.

Upon graduation in December we decided to stay for another course dealing with some technical issues in language learning and literacy. This course seems as though it will actually be the most valuable and we do not regret our choice to stay for it. While we are done with our training in Missouri we have one last training related event to cross off our list, a 10 week "final exam" for linguistics using the Cherokee language. We will be living with the Cherokee in Oklahoma this August-October. Then our training will be complete.

This Summer

 This summer we are continuing the process of establishing state-side ministry partners. We can't do the church planting work we are endeavoring to do without state-side partners committed to supported us in prayer and finances. We have meeting set up to share our goals in church planting so as to expose people to the need of this ministry.

  This week we will leave Missouri and head to Jon's parents house in VA. We will be going there to transition from life in training, to life on the road. Also while there we will prepare for our summer schedule. In June we will be sharing with 3 churches in North Carolina. We hope to do just as I have just said: expose people to the need of ministry among unreached people groups, and to identify state-side ministry partners.

  In July we will head down to our home area to spend time with our sending church, First Baptist Church St. Mary's, and also establish partnerships with other churches in our home area. We are extremely looking forward to this time home with friends.


And the question of the day is:

 "Now that you are done with training, when do you get to Paraguay??"


 Well, like I said we do still have one last training thing on our plate this fall with our Cherokee language practicum (final exam for linguistics). After some prayer and talking to the New Tribes leadership in Paraguay we decided to slate our arrival for April 2011 in order to give us enough time to raise the necessary monthly funds for ministry in Paraguay. We are very thankful for those who are currently supporting us financially monthly. However our current monthly support is about 8% of what the leadership in Paraguay recommend we have pledged before we come. Typically it takes people 2 years from the end of training until go overseas to raise the necessary finances. We are looking to the Lord to raise ours in under 1 year.


 Til All Are Reached

 Jon and Jen Quast (Jamen and Jade)

Moving On

May 9, 2010

So much has happened in this chapter of our lives. Our time in Missouri has been long, and it has also been eventful. In the past 22 months we have added a new member to our family, completed 3 semesters of church planting training, spent a semester studying linguistics, grown as a couple, grown with the Lord…well you get the idea. But now it is finally time to move on.

 Officially done in Missouri 10 days, and ready to set sail we thank the Lord for this time. Although we have every desire to be in a tribal location yesterday, and although we wake up every day yearning to be in Paraguay, the training that we received was vital for our preparedness in Paraguay and in a church plant. We now have the tools to show up in a tribe and build relationships, learn language, learn culture, develop community programs such as literacy and hygiene, and also how to skillfully teach the Scriptures chronologically in a dynamic way.

 However the tools we have received are merely tools, and truth be told God delights in me presenting myself empty before Him. God prefers a hunk of clay that can be formed into a useful vessel fit for His service. If we endeavor to reach the lost with the tools we have received, surely He will cause us to fail, but if we in complete dependence and obedience to the Father give of ourselves, He will accomplish in us the good works that He has placed before us.

 So with that in mind this chapter in the story of reaching the unreached comes to a close. Here’s a look into the chapter in front of us. This summer we will be heading our on a trip to accomplish two goals: Expose people to the need that exists in our world for tribal missions, and also to raise our financial and prayer support to a level that we would be able to leave for Paraguay. After the summer is over we head to Oklahoma for our 7 week on location mega-linguistic-test as we live with the Cherokee people. We will learn some of their language (enough for a linguistic write-up). This is kind a trial run in a controlled environment what we will do in the tribe in Paraguay.

 So, maybe you’re wondering when we will be arriving in Paraguay. We do have some news to report. We are slated to arrive in Paraguay April 2011. It still seems like a ways off, but it is nice to finally have an arrival time set. In order for that to happen we are going to need to raise our monthly support level. We praise God for getting us to about 10% of what the field of Paraguay recommends we have, but we will need to get that up higher before we can leave. Pray for us as we visit churches and individuals this summer.

 So in summary: training in Missouri is done, heading out on a support raising trip this summer, going to Oklahoma to finish linguistics in the fall, more support raising, and Paraguay in April! But only as James 4:15 reminds us: “If the Lord wills.”


Til All Are Reached

Jon and Jen Quast (Jamen and Jade)

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Further Uphill We Climb

Thursday March 25, 2010


This post is extremely extremely overdue, but better late then never. In fact, the tardiness of a news update is a good indicator of why it is so overdue…business! Ok, ok, who’s not busy right? Well keep reading and we’ll be sure to fill you in on what we do everyday and how that relates to what we want to do with tribal church planting.


Jen is superwoman (have I said that before?) and supermom for that matter. She is longer in classes during the day, she has completed the church planting training and spends mornings and afternoons at home watching the two little ones. She does a great job of holding down the fort while I’m in classes. But right now she is also actively preparing for Paraguay. During the day she is currently making a list of all our earthly possessions to decide what things we have, what things we will need in Paraguay, what we need to buy, and what we need to get rid of. We really feel good about the list that we are coming up with. We are going to have to do that sooner or later, and she has been doing it now so we won’t have to worry about it later. Also in the evenings she is still plugging away at her Spanish course. How she still has any brainpower left after watching the kids all day I don’t know, but God is giving her some extra energy I suppose.


My day is spent in the classroom with the linguistics course. ( Again linguistics is just a fancy way to say taking the noises that people make and figuring out how to write it all down, and how to put it together) I am in class 5 hours a day, with an average of 4 hours of homework a night. Needless to say I am brain-dead most days by the end of the day.


So… are the things that you are doing now getting you ready for Paraguay??


The possessions list: This is an easy one. We are going to have to pack eventually, and we are going to need to get a few more things by way of supplies. Obviously we are taking stuff to Paraguay with us, but this is helping us decided what stuff.


Spanish study: I thought that they don’t speak Spanish in the tribal areas. Why Spanish? While it is true that Spanish is not the language of the people that we will work with, it is the language of the country of Paraguay (Think about 100 years ago English was the language of America, but the Navajo people only spoke Navajo, even though they were in what was called America at the time). Although the language of the country of Paraguay is Spanish, the tribal areas speak there own languages. But that being said…we will still be LIVING in Paraguay and therefore will need to know Spanish if we are going to be able to function in that country. Studying Spanish now gets us to the people we are going to reach more efficiently.


Linguistics: I spend all day looking at languages from all around the world to learn things that happen in languages so I can try to figure out how I would write those languages and explain those languages to others. The people that we will go to in Paraguay will likely not have any system for writing at all and will therefore need someone to help them develop their own system of writing. (How can they have the Bible in their language if there is no way to write their language?) It is of absolute necessity to be able to do the linguistic process with the people group we will be working with in Paraguay. Believe it or not it is extremely complicated to write and explain a previously unknown language. I will go on record and say that the study of linguistics is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do.


So, further uphill we climb. The road to the unreached is definitely uphill. If it were easy no doubt someone would have already reached them. But we continue on, looking unto Christ as our Provider, our Enabler, and our Motivation. For the love of Christ compels us…


Thank you for your prayers. We can’t do without those. Thank you for your financial support. You know who you are, and we would have had to go home long ago if it weren’t for your sacrifice.


Til All Are Reached


Jon and Jen Quast (Jamen and Jade)

The Latest

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Jade Noel

This sweet baby is definitely shaking things up in the Quast home. It's amazing how different your kids can be from each other even as newborns. As I speak Jade is sitting next to me doing her favorite thing...not sleep!! Oh well, she's good company anyways.


Overall the adjustment to two kids has been smooth for everyone. Jamen thinks she is a lot of fun; mommy has been super-mom; and daddy is not so nervous this time around with a baby in the house.


Three weeks into linguistics and the fog is beginning to lift. When you hit the ground running in a subject you're not very familiar with, there is a definitely a difficult start. After trudging through for a couple weeks and after a wondering what I was getting myself into, I know am beginning to pick up momentum in the learning process.


Right now we are studying Phonemics. Phonemics is a subject that deals with getting inside peoples heads to figure out what sounds they think they are saying when they speak. Sounds strange, I know, but it makes for interesting conversation sometimes. You would be shocked to find out how many sounds we say in English, compared to how many sounds we think we say. We say way more than we actually hear. (In English we actually make about 4 different sounds for P, although we hear them all the a P) The same is true of all languages, and the trick is to get inside their heads and figure out what sounds they hear (hence the important sounds to them) and what sounds they think are the same. There is a science to it believe it or not, and this science is essential for developing a system for writing a language that belongs to an unreached people group.


Spanish Study
Jen's Spanish study is going great! We were able to take some of the financial support we receive and purchase Rosetta Stone. Jen has been supermom, finding time in her busy schedule everyday to spend 30 minutes to an hour doing the program. She has already completed the first level!


Typically in the work we do with New Tribes, we would never use a computer program to learn language. However some factors went into this decision. Jon already has a good level of Spanish ability, so we are trying to even out our speaking abilities so we can work more closely together when we are getting to an advanced level of Spanish in Paraguay. Also we want to be able to build good friendships with the people of Paraguay starting day one during our short stay in the capital city before moving into a tribal location.


Prayer Requests
- Jon is going to a wedding in Spartanburg SC next month, and is trying to find a church to share our ministry in while on that trip
- Jen's ongoing Spanish study
- Continued focus as we prepare for Paraguay (2 Tim 2:4)


Praise!! Our support level this month jumped up to about 11% of what the field of Paraguay recommends we have when we come. This is a huge jump. Thank you!


Praise!! Jade is a healthy little girl. We are blessed!



Til All Are Reached


Jon and Jen Quast

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What’s New

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, either due to our internet connection or my lack of computer ability I am unable to upload a picture of Jamen holding our new daughter Jade. So I guess that means I’ll just have to write a news article at least a thousand words long :)


Maybe it would be cool to give an update on life/ministry (can the two be distinguished?) on each of us.


Jon. I have just started my linguistic training. Linguistics is basically just fancy talk for the process of taking sounds in a language and reducing them to writing. Sounds easy, but I assure you its not :) Many steps are required to get a useable written language. Right now we have been reviewing a process called Phonemic Analysis that we have studied previously in our training. We are now starting to dive in deeper into the subject, and it is definitely difficult. I wish I could be more descriptive of what is complicated with the process, but in order to do that I would have to talk about how symmetry would make you suspicious that a pre-nasalized bilabial stop would unite with it’s unmodified bilabial stop conterpart based in the pre-nasalized one’s limited distribution and also by the fact that a pre-nasalized alveolar stop united with its unmodified phone, but despite all this you have a contrast in identical environments making the two phones separate and not allaphones. I could say all that, but that may be confusing because it contains a lot of linguistic lingo. Just know that its a blast (for me) and also one of the most (if not the most) useful tools I will get before the mission field.


Jen. Jen is taking a Spanish course right now through a computer program we got for her. While we are not hoping that she is fluent in Spanish before we get to Paraguay, it would be nice for her to have some knowledge of the language so that we can start building friendships day one in Paraguay.


Jamen. Completely potty trained and can identify every letter in the alphabet except “v”. Is there anything this kid can’t do? He is truly amazing and we count it a blessing to have him every day. His favorite things to do these days is play with his matchbox cars (rolling them into things to watch the cool crashes) and also reading Dr. Seuss (or more accurately having Dr. Seuss read to him). He likes Jade, although most of the time he just kind of ignores her. At least he’s not jealous…yet.


Jade. Jade is very healthy despite our concerns early on with her big birthmark. She is over ten pounds already (geez) and likes to be awake. (especially when we like to be asleep) She is doing everything a kid her age should be doing. She is definitely the life of the party at our house and we thank God for this new blessing.


So as you can see life is going on for us as we continue to pursue tribal church planting in Paraguay. Praise God with us about our support level as it is the highest it has ever been since we started with New Tribes. We still have a long ways to go, and we are already praying for our partnership time coming up this summer. By God’s grace we will see an indigenous tribal church established in an unreached people group in Paraguay.


Til All Are Reached


Jon and Jen Quast

 To read more about the Quast's adventures in following the Lord's leading in their lives and to see more pictures of their journey, go to Quast's Quest ( This is a different blog than the one at the New Tribes website. To read Jon and Jen's blog on the New Tribes website, go to

 At the New Tribes website you can  access old news articles, search the blog for  something you read once but can't find now, see their most recent postings, and read New Tribes Mission news.  On their blog, to read about their Ministry, go to the "About" link near the top.  You can also give online through the "Give" button. And at the very top of the page you can be connected back to


New Year, New Baby

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Jamen and new sister Jade2009. No doubt I will remember this year. This year was filled with challenges, as I’m sure all would agree. The daily curve balls of life just kept coming and coming all year long. It was a year that we pushed on ahead to finish our training with New Tribes Mission. A year who’s summer allowed us to make many new friends who will help us with this task of reaching the unreached. 2009 was quite a year.


And now as we enter the new year, we enter it with a new family member. On December 30th at 10:26 am we welcomed our daughter Jade Noel Quast into the world. We are very thankful that our prayers that Jen would go into labor naturally were answered as labor pains started 8 hours before she was scheduled to be induced. She made it through the entire delivery like superwoman. We both cried as we held her for the first time.


2010 is a new year. Once again I will have to adjust to dating papers, by first scratching out the 09 I will inevitably accidentally write down first, and then trying to decide if I’m supposed to just write 10, or 2010…I’m not sure. This year as you all know we will be taking one last training course supplemental to the training we have already received and then making plans to be in Paraguay the first of next year. It’s always an adventure I’m thankful for, and now we get to experience the ride with one more family member.


Thank you for your support, your congratulations, and also your prayers during this joyous time. Please continue to praise Jesus with us for the awesome Christmas present.


Til All Are Reached


Jon and Jen Quast

 To read more about the Quast's adventures in following the Lord's leading in their lives and to see more pictures of their journey, go to Quast's Quest ( This is a different blog than the one at the New Tribes website. To read Jon and Jen's blog on the New Tribes website, go to

 At the New Tribes website you can  access old news articles, search the blog for  something you read once but can't find now, see their most recent postings, and read New Tribes Mission news.  On their blog, to read about their Ministry, go to the "About" link near the top.  You can also give online through the "Give" button. And at the very top of the page you can be connected back to

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